Air Duct and Commercial Hood Cleaning Process

Indoor air tends to get more polluted than outdoor air, and this can lead to some serious health issues. Professional cleaners use top of the line equipment to clean air ducts and exhaust hoods in commercial settings. These services help decontaminate the exhaust hoods and air ducts by removing the odor, dust, and other allergens.

For a restaurant owner, cleanliness is crucial in running a successful business. Spending time and money on the interior decor and food quality without considering and taking proper initiative towards a healthy environment will only lead to an unhygienic indoor environment and unsatisfied customers. Inspections at least twice a year should be conducted to ascertain a safe, clean and healthy indoor space.

Exhaust Hood Cleaning

As mentioned above, a dirty exhaust system can take a toll on your business. It needs to be well-maintained and regularly cleaned to ensure a healthy and safe environment. Without ideal care and maintenance, exhaust hoods could lead to:

-Germ breeding sites
-Grease buildup which is a fire hazard

As such, cleaning the exhaust hoods is a vital precaution against fire in the restaurant’s kitchen. Regular cleaning includes:

-Maintenance of the fan
-Removal of grease
-Cleaning Ductwork areas
-Removal and replacement of filters

hood cleaning

If you wish to maintain a healthy and safe environment in your commercial kitchen, it’s advisable to hire exhaust hood cleaning experts.

Air Duct Cleaning

Just like hoods, dirty air ducts in the kitchen environment can cause fire hazards. Professional cleaners utilize the best practice and standards to extract debris from the vents and ducts.

The regular cleaning process usually includes:

Duct Inspection

This is done to assess the type and amount of cleaning work needed as well to check leaks in the ducts.

Negative Pressure Creation

This is done to get rid of the debris and dust from the ductwork. Large portable vacuum collection gadgets are utilized by experts to achieve the same.

Dislodging the Debris

Various devices like vacuum cleaners and rotating brushes are used for the cleaning process. This activity is usually done after creating negative pressure, and the devices suck the debris from the ducts to the huge collection device.

Cleaning the Whole Duct System

This is done to ensure a thorough cleaning process.

As per the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), the whole cleaning process for the air ducts takes about 3 to 5 hours. Also, the cleaning professionals apply industry standard practices to ascertain a careful and thorough cleaning process.

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