How to Buy Restaurant Equipment

restaurant equipment

Buying restaurant equipment is a huge investment. Do thorough research if you want to buy exactly what you need. Successful restaurants have the best equipment. Therefore, choose the right equipment if you want your restaurant to be successful.

Here’s how to buy the right restaurant equipment.

Buy What You Need

What is your menu? Planning the menu helps when choosing equipment for your kitchen. Focus on the menu items. And buy the equipment you need. Do not spend money on the equipment you think you will use in the future.

Determine the output you need from each equipment and buy the right size. Do not under-size because it slows down the service which will anger your customers. Large equipment costs thousands of dollars, but you may never use them. Avoid them.

Check the Warranties

Check the warranty before buying restaurant equipment. Manufacturers back their products. If equipment breaks down, it can cost a lot of money to repair or replace it. Learn about the standard and the extended warranties of the equipment you want to buy.

Check maintenance and the things that can void the warranty. Keep these things in mind when you are comparing the prices of kitchen equipment. Choose equipment with a better warranty.

Inspect the Equipment

When you receive the restaurant equipment you bought, inspect it immediately. Check if all the pieces are there and make sure that the equipment is working properly. Do not sign for the equipment if it is not working properly.

The manufacturer can package the equipment properly. However, it can get damaged during shipping. If this happens, the transport provider is responsible for replacing or repairing the damaged equipment.

Know Your Utilities

Know the location of every utility outlet in the serving area and your kitchen. This includes the gas, water, and power outlets. Know the details of every equipment you want to buy. For example, for water, learn the incoming water temperature and water pressure.

Some of these things can be changed in the future. Therefore, it is important to know these changes ahead of time. Because they can help you plan out the timeline and the budget.

Long-Term Costs

Consider the utility costs when buying restaurant equipment. For example, ice machines and coolers work harder during summer. They will spend more energy. Buy energy efficient equipment because they can lower the utility cost.

Last, but not least, consider the repair cost. Most people neglect their equipment. This increases repair cost. Maintain your equipment properly if you want to lower the repair cost. Buy restaurant equipment that will last for a long time.

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