Finding a Pressure Washer in St. Cloud, FL

finding the pressure washing service

Finding a Pressure Washer

So you’re thinking about getting the outside of your place power washed? Wondering how to go about identifying a good pressure washing company?

I’m going to blog today on tips for finding a the pressure washing service you deserve. I know, it’s not exactly on the subject of coffee shops, but there is a real connection.

I have my place pressure washed once a year, and I just had it done, and it occurred to me that I might have some good information to pass on to you on the subject. So that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, so to speak.

Step One is to ask your neighbors for suggestions. It doesn’t matter if you own a house or a building or a shopping mall or a yacht. There are people who probably occupy similar spaces near you, and I call those people your neighbors. Ask whomever is in your general proximity for their suggestions.

Step Two is to call your local Chamber of Commerce. Usually a business has to undergo a certain amount of vetting to qualify as a member of the local Chamber, so you can have some confidence that you’ll get a company that’s reputable and reliable.

Step Three is to visit a directory that’s either public, like Yelp or Manta, or a directory that you are a member of, like Angie’s List, for suggestions on power washers and pressure washers.

Step Four is to run a Google search on power washers near me or pressure washers near me or pressure washer st cloud. You can also search related terms, like driveway cleaning st cloud or roof cleaning st cloud or sidewalk cleaning st cloud or concrete cleaning st cloud. Other possible search terms are exterior cleaning st cloud or building wash st cloud.

Once you come up with a short list, call them up and ask them several questions:

1.      Are you taking new business?
2.      Do you do _________ (sidewalk cleaning, driveway cleaning, house washing, whatever)
3.      Do you give onsite estimates?
4.      Do you pre-treat or post-treat?
5.      Do you use chemicals in your cleaning process?

6.      Are you licensed and insured?

You may not intuitively think to ask if a company uses chemicals. Unless you are violently opposed to the use of chemicals, I recommend going with a company that does a pre-treat and post-treat with a chemical solution. Typically this solution is a bleach and water mix with probably a surfactant thrown in to break surface tension and kill mold.

If you have heavy mold on concrete, it won’t come completely clean just pressure-washed with water. The mold needs to be killed first and then removed with pressure washing.

Some molds are extremely stubborn, like the variety that appears in very black or dark green spots on concrete, or yellow spots on clay tile. This kind of mold usually requires pre-treatment, pressure-washing, and post-treatment with high pressure.

So I do recommend going with a company that has a chemical solution in its arsenal of weapons for attacking mold and grime. You will be happier with the end result, and it will stay cleaner longer because the mold has been killed all the way down to root level.

With the above information, you should be able to find a company that will take care of your exterior cleaning needs and leave you highly satisfied.

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