Coffee Shop Safety Tips

Safety is something you need to give a lot of attention to if you own a coffee shop. The product you sell is served hot, and that can be problematic. You want to serve your clients as fast as possible, and you still have to ensure you take adequate time to cover all the aspects when it comes to safety.

There’s various equipment required to run a quality coffee shop. You also need to have a training program in place, which ensures every device is operated as it should. This is one of the best ways to enforce safety and prevent accidents.

The coffee shop can get hectic at certain times of the day and every member of the staff needs to be ready. When setting up the equipment in the shop, you need to ensure that no employee will get in the way of the other when serving the customers. So, arrange everything efficiently and ensure all cords are out of the way.

Reducing the overhead costs of the coffee shop may be a goal, but there are somethings you’ll need to pay for to ensure high quality. This includes the cups and lids you use to serve your coffee. They need to be insulated and durable. The last thing you want is customers complaining about how hot the coffee cups are to carry. You can also use collars or sleeves for an extra layer of protection.

While the cup lids have to be safe for use, they ideally have to be convenient. So, think of how you can offer both. An option is to give your customers lids that have a slider in place. This enables them to close the cup after taking a sip.

There are also some safety hazards that you will need to implement for coffee shop safety. So, put signs after the floors have been washed to make people aware. Also, put mats in front of the shop so that people do not track as much debris from outside.

Focusing on coffee shop safety is essential. You want both your staff and customers to be comfortable in there. The nature of the business presents accident potential, and it is your responsibility as the owner to prevent them as much as possible. The last thing you want is lawsuits for burns and slips and falls, especially if you have just started the business.

coffeeshop safety

Who Dreamed Up Coffee?

dreaming of coffee

I think it’s interesting that tea and coffee are pretty much universal beverages.

Why tea and coffee? How did tea and coffee get invented? Who thought to pick red berries off of a bush and put them in a place to dry them out, and then remove the outer dried skin and extract the bean inside, and then roast it, and then crush up that roasted bean, and then run hot water through it, and then drink the result?

I mean, really! That’s a long process that at any single point could have been done badly or had a step omitted and coffee as we know it now just would not have happened.

And with tea, the same thing. Who thought to pick a plant and dry it out and run a bunch of hot water through it and then drink that water? Really? How bizarre!

The fact that coffee and tea exists in different forms the world over is also amazing. Either multiples of people went through the same crazy process I described above (how, I don’t know) on completely separate continents, or one person took the idea from one continent to another and spread the joy that way.

However it happened, I know that I can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee pretty much anywhere in the world.

True, it has different faces and presentations.

I remember when I visited Europe for the first time, I was truly shocked at the size of the coffee cups in the cafes and homes. Or rather, the amount of the coffee served in the small coffee cups. It seemed like just a few tablespoons. And no refills!

Coming from the U.S., where at any restaurant or home you get served a big old mug filled to the brim with coffee, followed by as many refills as your little heart desires, the contrast with the European cuplets with their few tablespoons of beverage was almost laughable. Until you got the bill, of course, at which point nothing was funny.

I think South American coffee more closely resembles European coffee than American coffee. I understand that it’s served in little tinto cups and is thick and strong.

Come to think of it, I think American coffee is the only place where it’s served in such large portions with endless refills. I kind of wonder about that, too. Is that because we just do everything large? Or because we are generous? Or because we’re greedy? Who knows. But it’s kind of interesting to think about.

Well, that’s about my sum total of thoughts for now on the subject of coffee and tea.

Except for one last one: it doesn’t matter what country I’m in, I love to try its particular versions of coffee and tea. Every place serves it slightly differently, and it’s fun to experience them all.

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