Hey, how it going?

I’m Kristen, and this is my blog for my coffee shop.

I own and operate a coffee shop called Studio4th. How it got its name is that I found a space in a part of our old downtown that used to be an art studio. It had a lot of character—walls with wood paneling and heavy beams across the ceiling and big old air ducts across the top of the building. There wasn’t any ceiling.

It just had kind of a funky artsy look, and I knew it would be perfect for a coffee shop. It’s on 4th street. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out how I named it.

I was able to set up my own domain name for this blog, so it was perfect.

The coffee shop is pretty much one of a kind. My little town really doesn’t have anything in the way of other coffee shops with character.

We’re just starting to get some bars that have character and quality. I’m talking about bars that you’d want to go to to hang out, not just bars where you’d drive up in your pick-up and jump out and stomp into it with your cowboy boots. That’s not the kind of bar I’m talking about.

We’ve had some more upscale bars come into town recently. But we have not had any decent true coffee shops.

Yeah, we have Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, but those are just cookie-cutter places with no personality.

I got the idea of opening a coffee shop when I was out of the area, and I went to a coffee shop that I just loved. Not for the first time, the thought came to my mind that we really needed a coffee shop in my little town.

To make a long story short, I ended up being the one to open that coffee shop, and it’s been very successful. There are people at my coffee shop all the time, at all hours of the day and night. I’m not open 24/7. I’m not going to do that. But I am open from 6 am to midnight.

It still surprises me how busy the coffee shop is all day long.

When I took over the studio space, I knew that I wanted to leave the exposed ductwork and the beams.

The walls that were paneled with wood looked great. It was good quality paneling and not like the laminate stuff that used to be everywhere in mobile homes and cheap restaurants years ago. The wood paneling in my place was in good condition but it was just a bit on the heavy side. You kind of felt like you were in a wood box.

So I left it on one side and on the other side I put in corrugated metal on the top and wood on the bottom. Then I put up pictures with a lot of red and black in them, because I like red and black.

The coffee shop space ended up looking a lot lighter without the wood paneling on all four walls.

I also opened up the window area and made the windows bigger. The windows are mostly along the front and sides because the coffee shop is on the corner.

Opening up the windows in those areas made a big difference to the brightness of the space inside.

I ordered cool tables and chairs and I also put in some old love seats and leather chairs in one corner. This means there’s different kinds of seating in there. Then of course I put in outlets all over and I have wi-fi and internet so that people can come and hang out and use their laptops and stuff if they want to.

So anyway that’s me and my store. This blog is about the coffee shop and any other random things I feel like posting about.

Thanks for stopping by.


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